Sulfimax GX online WATER

Online sulphide determination in water and wastewater

Dosing chemicals as required.
Save costs and protect the environment.

Sulfimax GX online WATERATEX-compliant version

Product description

The Sulfimax GX online WATER continuously measures hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphides in wastewater and other other aqueous samples quickly and accurately. This is important for timely and on-demand intervention in process streams and wastewater treatment procedures.

Effective gas extraction completely expels H2S from the sample. Interference from the sample matrix is virtually non-existent. The released H2S gas is directed to the highly sensitive sensor, which detects H2S in the range of 0.01 to 1000 ppm.

A measurement takes 5 to 15 min, depending on the sample composition.

With the Sulfimax GX online WATER, even industrial wastewater that is basic or contaminated with hydrocarbons or ammonia can be monitored reproducibly.

Sample aspiration, all rinsing steps and the return to the pipe system are performed automatically. Configurations can be edited and results read out via remote access. The measured values can be be transmitted to on-site alarm systems via digital and analog outputs.

The analyzer can be used as a H2S dependent controlling system for chemical wastewater treatment.

The Sulfimax GX online WATER as ATEX compliant version is suitable for use in ATEX zone 1 (gas) according to DIN EN IEC 60079-2.


Online aquisition of the current sulfide concentration in wastewater

Environmental analytics, e. g.:
- Waste water analysis for control systems
  (pump sump, free level or pressure water pipe)
- Landfill leachate monitoring
- Industrial sewage treatment plants
- Municipal sewage treatment plants


- Automatic sample dosing
- Hardly any cross-sensitivities due to indirect method
- Output 4 - 20 mA for integration of the H2S signal into the control system
- Short measuring intervals allow fast reaction to changes
- Low maintenance requirements


- Detection of the true H2S content directly in the liquid phase and thus independent of weather conditions (even in strongly basic samples)
- Simple calibration
- Simple, clear software
- No cross-contamination due to self-cleaning between measurements
- Long sensor life due to integrated regeneration processes

Data sheet

Data sheet ATEX-compliant version