Sulfimax GX Go (compact version)

Determination of hydrogen sulphide in liquids and gases

Sulfimax GX Go (compact version)


The Sulfimax GX Go fulfils the requirements of the standard DIN 38405-27: German standard methods for the examination of water, waste water and sludge - Anions (group D) - Part 27: Determination of sulphide by gas extraction method (D 27).

Product description

The Sulfimax GX Go determines hydrogen sulphide and volatile sulphides in liquids and gases.

The sample can be dispensed directly by syringe without pretreatment.

Compared to the laboratory version "Sulfimax GX Lab", the compact version Sulfimax GX Go requires less footprint and is therefore also suitable for on-site use.

By effective gas extraction the H2S is completely expelled from the sample. Interferences due to the sample matrix practically do not occur.

The released H2S gas is conducted to the highly sensitive sensor, which detects H2S in the range of 0.01 to 10,000 ppm. A typical measurement takes 5 min, depending on the sample composition.


- Water, drinking water, surface water
- Municipal wastewater
- Industrial wastewater
- Monitoring of landfill-leachate
- Gas analysis (e. g. LNG, LPG)
- H2S in hydrocarbon mixtures
- Investigation of technical and pharmaceutical products (e. g. storage stability)
- Quality management


- Analysis of the original sample
- No sample preparation
- Minimized cross sensitivity through the indirect method
- Suitable for on-site-use

Features and Results

- Complete separation of H2S from the sample by effective gas extraction
- Simple calibration
- Software: simple, clear, intuitive
- Dosing manually by syringe
- Definition of own methods for device control
- Typical measuring time 5 min (depending on sample properties)


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