H2S ANALYZER Lab (automatic laboratory version)


The H2S ANALYZER Lab fulfils the requirements of the standard DIN 38405-27:2017-10: Determination of sulphide by gas extraction method (D 27).



The H2S ANALYZER Lab measures  hydrogen sulphide in liquids and gases in only one device.

The determination of total volatile sulphides in aqueous solutions and other liquid samples works through high efficient gas extraction linked with a selective detection method. Thereby, interferences from the sample matrix will be minimized. The analysis is performed fast and with high efficiency. Sample preparation is not required, therefore the reproducibility and the accuracy enhance additionally.

The dosing of the sample can happen using an automated autosampler for liquid samples.


- Water, drinking water, surface water
- Municipal wastewater
- Industrial wastewater
- Monitoring of landfill-leachate
- Gas analysis (e. g. LNG, LPG)
- H2S in hydrocarbon mixtures
- Investigation of technical and pharmaceutical products (e. g. storage stability)
- Quality management


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